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Countywide Surplus Equipment Redistribution

Surplus Sale Bids Listing (none at this time)

The Los Angeles County ISD Countywide Surplus Equipment Redistribution Program is pleased to supply this listing of open County surplus equipment and furniture Sale Bids.

The appropriate sale bid forms may be acquired by requesting a copy in person at ISD's Bid Room located at 1100 N Eastern Ave. Room 103, Los Angeles, CA 90063 or by fax from the listing department. If you request a fax, you must contact the listing County department directly. The correct County department contact information is noted for each sale bid.

Surplus sale bids are open and posted for a minimum of five (5) days. The listing County department assigns opening and closing bid dates.

Bidder must complete the sale bid form with original signature documentation and mail/deliver the original to the listing department by 12 noon on the closing date of the bid (postmarks are not accepted.)

Questions regarding completion of the sale bid, requests to view bid items, or additional bid information should be directed to the contact name of the listing department. Bidder will be notified of bid award by listing department, at which time instructions for payment and pick-up will be arranged. Bidder may purchase County surplus property by payment means of cash, money order, or certified checks payable to: COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES. (No personal checks will be accepted.)

Unless otherwise specifically set forth herein, all items are purchased "AS IS" and "WHERE IS". There are no warranties expressed or implied including, but not limited to, merchantability and fitness for purpose. County shall have no liability for special incidental, consequential or punitive damages of any kind arising out of the sale and/or use of the items.

Please call the Bid Desk at (323) 267-2467 for additional information on the status of open sale bids.


The Surplus Program has no open sale bids posted
at this time.

This list is believed to be correct and complete, but the County assumes no responsibility or liability for errors or omissions.


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